Cottage Stoves Wirral

Cottage Stoves Wirral are a family run business.

We started off as general builders and occasionally fitting stoves. Slowly but surely we noticed a trend in the stove market so we decided to concentrate on stoves and opened our shop. We were lucky enough to find a shop in the courtyard in Carr Farm, with lots of free off road parking and lots of friendly staff to show you the way through to the courtyard were our shop is situated.

We then began to concentrate on just supplying and installing quality stoves.

Over the past 4 years we have sourced what we know as the best quality stoves sold in the UK. We have a wide range of stoves such as Morso / Hunter / Heta / Cleanburn / Mendip / Dik Gurts / Broseley. The list goes on with over 15 different makes of stoves on show. We probably have the largest display of quality stoves on the Wirral.

So far we have supplied and fitted over 600 stoves over the past 4 years, and it is extremely important that every stove must be swept every year for safety and for the warranty on the stove, liner and all building work done. When we do our sweeping and servicing etc  we discovered that most of our customers struggled to get quality dry wood and decent coal to burn so we decided to sell wood and coal, after much research we discovered that kiln dried ash burns longer and hotter than any other wood, commonly known as the king of firewood.

We also sourced smokeless coal from one of the best manufacturers in the UK it has less additives than most other brands and burns longer at a constant temperature.

With friendly staff to help you get the right deals for your specific needs and give out lots of freebies for all our customers with free delivery to local areas and half price delivery for other customers that are out of the area. How good is that!

We are very passionate about what we do,  we take great care in assisting our customers on their stove and individual design requirements. So to supply the best wood and coal was an absolute necessity.

So why buy off us?

Well basically we care.

Our wood and coal is not left outside our shop or out side of our warehouse or at the bottom of a field getting wet then sold to someone who thinks there wood is dry enough to burn, then wonders why there glass is always black and they can’t get no heat from there stove.

Well this is not right.

So all of our wood and coal is kept in our very dry warehouse neatly stacked in nets, crates and bags.

They sit waiting to go to a good home.

They wait for someone who cares about what they burn and the effect on there stove and liner and not forgetting the environment, but most importantly keeping warm and getting value for money because after all we all installed our stoves to save money on the ever increasing gas bills.

This is why we want you to buy from us.

Because we all care.

Our small crate equals 2 builders bags (check the video out on our website)

The larger crate equals 4 builders bags (video coming soon )

Our combination deal @ £99 (wood, kindling and coal)

Buy 10 x 25 kg bags of coal and get 1 free

So give us a call and place an order and see if our wood and coal is really as good as we say, if you’re not happy with our service, quality and heat from our wood and coal you can have your money back.

Contact Wirral Wood and Coal to place your order on 0151 678 1611 or  CLICK HERE to visit the website