The Importance Of Getting A Chimney Swept

Nearly everything which you own needs a proper maintenance. Having a fireplace and chimney installed at home would obviously require a thorough maintenance, almost now and then for ensuring that these accessories work efficiently. Moreover, taking care of them will guarantee safety all through and also increase the life span of the fireplace and chimney. […]

All That You Should Know About Twin Wall Flue System

Twin wall flue pipe is also called the chimney flue or the insulated flue which forms a kind of the flue system which is used when the traditionally used chimney stack is not there or you want to try an alternative to the traditional system. It is made used for getting rid of the exhaust […]

Why Use A Flue Liner?

The chimney is an essential part of the home. It not only helps to remove dirt, debris, and soot from the fireplace but it also helps to keep the home safe too. It can be used to prevent birds from getting in and should be kept clean to prevent fires from starting within the chimney […]

Benefits of Burning Kiln Dried Logs

Benefits of Burning Kiln Dried Logs Trees play an important role in the environment. They are Natural Energy Resource which is renewable. After the trees are cut into logs they are dried and can be used as fuel firewood. The process of drying and removing water from the log is called seasoning. There are many […]

Preventing Chimney Fires: Why Regular Chimney Sweeps and Using Kiln Dried Logs Can Help

Chimneys are important to your home for aesthetic purposes and for keeping you warm during chilly days and nights. Unfortunately, many people fail to clean their chimneys regardless of the dangers that come with not cleaning. For example, sweeping your chimney regularly allows you to prevent structural damage, the accumulation of smoke, harmful gases, and […]

The Best Way to Light a Fire

Kindling a fire in an inglenook is, on the whole, seen as an easy job. For this reason, many people overlook a few crucial phases in the procedure that would benefit them when lighting a fire. It is easy to neglect a few steps and fill up a room with smoke. Lighting a fire shouldn’t […]

Chimney Liners

Having a chimney liner is as essential as having a proper fire alarm in the house, you may probably not have understood the work of a chimney liner, so put simply, these are the inner liners placed inside the chimney to help keep heat from flue gasses from heating the surrounding walls and potentially causing […]

Why Choose The Kiln Dried Ash?

You understand how sweet it feels being in a warm house on a cold day? So as to keep warm, many homesteads prefer using the heat from the firewood, being that it’s cheap and readily available. But you understand how frustrating it can get, landing on the wrong wood? Kiln dried ash wood is one […]

Multi-fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves Multi-fuel stoves are also called mineral-fuel stoves, and can burn wood, smokeless fuel and coal. There are differences in the way these fuels burn, and not all multi-fuel stoves are optimised for burning all compatible fuels with equal efficiency. How different fuels burn Coal needs air to reach it from below through a […]

Wood Drying

Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. When the drying is done in a kiln, the product is known as kiln-dried timber or lumber, whereas air dying is the more traditional method. There are two main reasons for drying wood: Woodworking: when wood is used […]